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What’s in the Bag?

Copyright © 2022 All Rights Reserved

Synopsis: Four woodland animals—Rabbit, Squirrel, Owl and Raccoon—spot a mysterious bag which a suspicious man left in the woods. They wonder what it is. The quartet is apprehensive at first, the way a child might hesitate to approach an unfamiliar object, but the animals gradually overcome their trepidation and ultimately discover the contents of the bag. The reader shares their journey through to the surprise ending.

Sourisse: The Mouse Who Lifted a House

Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved

Synopsis: Sourisse is a clever and resourceful mouse who lives in a French village and prides herself on evading mousetraps. When her efforts to rescue a prized gift of cheese from under a cobblestone result in blocking the entrance to her basement home, Sourisse must find a way to lift the house. But how? The next morning, Sourisse watches children playing on a seesaw and has an epiphany that could solve her problem.

Snout Contest

Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved

Synopsis: Essie Elephant loves contests but she has yet to win one. When Essie’s best friend, Persephone Pig, tells Essie about an animal party at The Menagerie Club with music, dancing, and—best of all—contests, Essie can’t wait to go. She persuades shy Persephone to join her in one for best snout. Persephone wonders if Essie’s trunk qualifies as a snout, but there’s no stopping Essie. They face tough competition from a black bear, a pangolin, a tapir, a proboscis monkey, a manatee, an anteater, and an elephant seal. Who will win? A sweet and heartwarming story about an inseparable friendship and winning not being everything.

Meet Lincoln and Loo Loo

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved

Synopsis: Two best friends, a story-telling giraffe named Lincoln and an artist ant named Loo Loo, face a series of challenges in collaborating on a picture book. With help from Mimi, a friendly octopus, they find creative ways to bridge their differences and solve problems that stand in the way of reaching their goal.

Bear, Bear and Bear: Attorneys at Law

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved

Synopsis: Polar Bear, Black Bear and Grizzly Bear’s law firm takes on a new client: Goldilocks, who is being sued by The Three Bears for trespassing. Her defense is that The Big Bad Wolf was chasing her and she needed somewhere to hide. But Black Bear has reason to doubt her story. Is Goldilocks the innocent she pretends to be? The three attorneys will find themselves seeking out The Big Bad Wolf, The Little Pig and Mama Bear before the truth is finally revealed. Bear, Bear and Bear, Attorneys at Law reinvents a classic tale as a detective story.

Puffin Puffin Eats a Muffin

Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Synopsis: The title says it all. The subjects of each line in the funny, punny rhyming text are animal pairs. And there’s a surprise ending. Intended to be read aloud for the enjoyment of young children ages 4 to 6 years.

The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly

Copyright © 1984 All Rights Reserved

Synopsis: Fred Penguin envies the soaring albatross. He doesn’t understand why he has wings if he can’t use them to fly. Fred’s repeated efforts to find some way to get off the ground provoke teasing from other penguins, but his perseverance and determination have an unforeseen consequence: he becomes the fastest swimmer in the rookery and an unassuming hero.